EU condemns Sudan for military’s use of white UN-like planes

13 Feb
Sudanese bomber painted in UN livery

Sudanese bomber painted in UN livery

UN airplanes are painted white, “UN” painted in bold black.  This makes them highly visible and identifiable.  You hear the droning engines on a fine clear day and, cupping your hands against the glare, your heart leaps as you identify the black letters on white.  Would it be a food drop today, or medicine?  Your little brother has had the runs for the last two days, and you know he’ll need some medicine, or he will die.  You and the other children run ahead of the adults, to the field where they usually drop their pallets.  As you run, you notice something.  The plane is coming in at the wrong angle, the wrong height.  You slow to a walk, puzzled.  Most of the village has now gathered around the few shrubs and spindly trees that grow at the edge of the makeshift landing area.  They wave at the plane as it passes high over their heads.  They are still waving and laughing when the bombs hit.

The real articles here:


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