12 Mar

The World Food Program is the world’s largest humanitarian aid agency.

In 2007, provided 86.1 million people
in 80 countries with life-saving food assistance,
helping hundreds of communities gain access
to food and thus re-establish food security. (WFP Annual Report, 2007)

Each year WFP distributes more than 3 million metric tons of food to an average of 100 million people in 77 countries around the world.

About half the food distributed by WFP is sourced directly within the country or region where it is needed. The other half, sourced internationally, is shipped by sea and unloaded in 78 cargo ports around the world.

When the areas needing food are not accessible by road, rail or river, other methods are brought into play. An emergency may require a cargo drop from aircraft or a helicopter airlift, but they are other options too.

WFP will use anything from bicycles to elephants to yaks to deliver food, but rising food and transportation costs drastically affect their ability to provide aid.


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