Spying for good in Zimbabwe, Burma

31 Mar
From irevolution.wordpress.com
From irevolution.wordpress.com


This article outlines the use of satellites to monitor human rights abuses.

Cross this with the American spy airship, and you would get more coverage, cheaper.  It still doesn’t solve the problem of using surveillance photos. Interpretation.  Since photos of actual human rights abuse are rare, we can only interpret the traces left behind, burnt villages, destroyed buildings, patch of fresh earth denoting mass graves etc.  Such photos can be contested in court, and they’re not the most compelling to the layperson.  Even a hovering, unblinking eye in the sky such as a surveillance airship would only achieve what CCTV has achieved in Britain with crime.  It merely moved it down the street. The logical fix for that would be to survey the entire world at all times, since atrocities tend to occur where there is no accountability.  Seems to be much harder to murder your neighbours if someone is watching.


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