HApFrica – 2nd Half Thoughts.

2 Apr


Even after a year of this project, I still have no idea how to improve situations in the developing world.  All I know is that things are neither as simple, nor as complex as they say.  My suspicion is that they’ll figure it out.  They’ll have to.  What I hope is that we leave them alone long enough to figure things out.  This may or may not mark the end of my foray in development…

At the end of this semester I will have a document, a proposal, which I will take to whomever and wherever I can.  Learning outcomes as follow:

– Cold calling lvl up

– scenario writing

– More project management experience

– Negotiation skills lvl up.

– Realized I need outlets.  Being in my own head all the time is not good.

– “I can think, I can wait, I can fast.” – Siddhartha


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