I’m not sorry, I’m just like that. Next time I’ll use the Socratic method.

18 Apr

In my mind, my thesis presentation went poorly. I undersold it, didn’t really convince anyone that it was worth caring about.  I can present, but I’m not stellar at it.  Give me a beer and a crowded room however, and I can convince anyone.  Even if they don’t agree, they’ll at least find it interesting.  Put me in front of a room, however, and it all falls apart.

(I’d like the ability to say everything I was thinking at once.)

This is how I tell jokes too.  Brevity and concision are my trademarks, because, since I was a child, I had to speak really quickly if I ever wanted anyone to listen to me.

The other tactic I developed was to say something controversial, inappropriate or non sequitur, and then wait for the “….what?”.  It still works pretty well today.  Anyways, this is why I’ve never been a good story teller.  It’s not an excuse, so much as a self reflexive/reflective thing.  It’s me trying to find a better way of doing things.  Just like this blog is a better way to keep notes.  Maybe I can give a better picture with a list of binaries.

Blog > keeping track of research in a binder

conversation > presentation

Bar > classroom

answering questions > reciting facts

(If you say, just deal with it, then you don’t know me very well)

In first year university I tried to hand in a cassette tape of me speaking my essay, rather than a written one.

I’m looking for a way to work as a group of individuals, rather than a team. (The standalone complex)

Linearity is not my strong suit.


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