Scenarios as Screeplays

18 Apr

Scenario writing is a great tool for .  You’re able to give a clear, compelling <–(starting to hate that word) picture really quickly.  You understand time, place, people and things.  They usually take the form of a short story.  Some people do story boards, others make a power point.  After watching World Builder, (which is a kind scenario, about the future of our ability manipulate information, the material world and perception), I wondered if you could write a scenario as a screenplay.  A screenplay can relay a lot of information about time, place, characters, and action in a very dense format, without getting too detailed.  It’s also a somewhat non linear form, as a number of elements (much like this aside, which I created by putting these words in brackets) can be read simultaneously.  It can be tricky though, if you get carried away by the formal elements, as it is a technical style.  However, if you don’t worry about the details too much, it might be a good way to show that what you are writing about doesn’t exist yet.


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