The dream that I dared not dream. Personal flight.

4 Nov

Do Birds Envy Anyone?

I don’t know, but all of us envy birds.  From the very beginnings, flight and imaginings of flight have drawn us forward.

It’s not very Taoist of me to envy birds for their flight, but is it really crazy for us to yearn to fly?  If those crazy individuals had not risked their lives and fortunes in the early days of flight, how would the development of flight looked like?  Certainly we would not have had the early weaponization of airplanes, and the subsequent commercialization/isolation of flight from the individual.

Experiments in personal flight, from Lego models to Second Life to real life.

Second Life Moewe Glider.


One Response to “The dream that I dared not dream. Personal flight.”

  1. Michael April 15, 2010 at 4:30 am #

    Nice video of the Fomotoppara! I don’t know what that word means, but that little aircraft sure looks like a fun ride! One question about the powerplant- are you riding on top of a ducted fan or a gas turbine (jet) engine?

    Again, great blog! You have enriched my life! Please post more videos like that!

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