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Old ass stuff.

16 Sep

My first video presentation for thesis class. It’s pure classic, like.


Blog makeover.

31 Mar

Probably not the best time right now, but I decided to try and customize the whole blog with the sandbox theme.
It’ll look craigslisty for a while, bear with me.



Airships in popular culture.

15 Jul

The prevalence of airships in popular culture leads me to believe that the somehow, it occupies an important space in our collective psyche.

That, or it’s a convenient writer’s tool.

An incomplete list of airships in cartoons, novels, video games and more, in no particular order.

Final Fantasy airship designed by Amano Yoshitaka

Final Fantasy airship designed by Amano Yoshitaka

Each Final Fantasy series features an airship, granting the freedom to explore the entire planet, and also signifying a certain level of achievement, or advancement in the storyline.

 Come dream with me tonight (Dream with me tonight) Lets build a giant airship, And sail into the sky

Come dream with me tonight (Dream with me tonight) Let's build a giant airship, And sail into the sky

Teddy Ruxpin

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

Nick Fury’s Helicarrier

Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson

The anime Last Exile

Hayao Miyazaki’s Laputa

Indian Jones’, the Last Crusade

Archie, from The Watchmen

Pixar’s Up.  Mr. Frederickson turns his house into a wind driven airship, and his childhood hero Charles Muntz also owns a Zeppelin.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

UPLIFT: From the cutting room floor 2

23 Apr

The following are more products of Point Set Reconstruction plugin for Rhino.


UPLIFT: From the cutting room floor

18 Apr

These airship concepts images didn’t make it to the final poster.  Most of them were accidental results of my experimenting with Rhino and plugins.

This first one is a product of a mesh model of the concept that appears in the poster and the Point Set Reconstruction plugin, using the Delaunay function.

Globeship with Octree

Globeship with Octree

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UPLIFT: Graphics

16 Apr

dontpanicThe envelope of an airship presents a vast amount of real esate for graphics.  In addition to declaring, in no uncertain terms, the organization chartering the airship, the sides of the airship may also broadcast soothing messages, or important information.  This could be achieved in such simple ways as painting or applying decals, as they do now on Goodyear and Zeppelin airships.  Or, a more sophisticated projection system, similar to 21st Century’s, which turns the whole airship into a screen.  Or even better, epaper panels, the size of sailcloth could tell people help is on the way, meet here, or these people are alive and looking for their families etc, etc.

UPLIFT: The logo

16 Apr

The basic motif for the logo is the arrow.  The first concepts were clearly a play on the name UPLIFT.  The arrow coming out of the circle suggests growth or regrowth. I then found that you can easily suggest birds, and even an elephant. Towards the end I played around with the basic compass, to suggest that UPLIFT will go anywhere.  I drew inspiration from Arabic geometric art, African textiles and shitake mushrooms.


Airships = The happier, more sensible future…

10 Apr
Zeppelin NT in the skyline

Zeppelin NT in the skyline

Airships are fast becoming a visual shorthand to denote a hopeful, better alternative.  Again and again, airships making cameo appearances in the background of architectural competition posters.  Viz here and here.

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Hope and Unity

10 Mar


Adinkra symbols were first used as decorative elements in one of the most highly valued, hand-printed and hand-embroidered cloths of West Africa. The fabrics’ origin is traced to the Asante of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote’ d’lvoire (Ivory Coast). However, the production and use of Adinkra cloth has come to be more associated with the Asante than any other ethnic group. Around the 19th Century, the Asante developed their unique art of printing Adinkra cloth. Traditionally, the cloth was used exclusively by royalty and spiritual leaders for very important sacred ceremonies and rituals.


“God is in the heavens”
symbol of hope
A reminder that God’s dwelling place is in the heaven, where he can listen to all prayers.


“chain link”
symbol of unity and human relations
A reminder to contribute to the community, that in unity lies strength

Symbolic Meanings of Colours in Africa

9 Mar

From Call to Action Quilting Project

The project will use Blue Green and Grey/Silver to symbolize the sky, regrowth and spiritual rebalance/female essence of life.

Symbolic Meanings of Colors
YELLOW in all its variations is associated with the yoke of the egg, ripe and edible fruits and vegetables and also with the mineral gold. In some spiritual purification rituals mashed yarn is rendered yellow with oil palm and served with eggs. It symbolizes sanctity, preciousness, royalty, wealth, spirituality, vitality and fertility.
PINK is associated with the female essence of life. It is viewed as red rendered mild and gentle, and therefore associated with tenderness, calmness, pleasantness, and sweetness. According to Akan social thought, these attributes are generally considered as essential aspects of the female essence.
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