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Gorgeous renderings of an inflatable utopia from the recent past.

5 Feb



AR Toronto – AR Bootcamp thought provoking, spawns many puns. pt. 1

1 Mar

ARmani Suit

Minds were blown this Saturday at MEIC‘s AR Bootcamp.

Augmented reality ties in a lot of fields, from computer shape and motion recognition and tracking, to platform and interoperability issues, to ethics and privacy issues, and the attendees spanned the same range. Attendees ranged from complete n00bs like me to AR godfather and cyborg Steve Mann.

The above image is my immediate reaction to the assumption that AR markers are ugly. Like barcodes and QR codes, AR markers can have a certain tech chic about them. Imagine a suit that you could infinitely change, or use to display information.

I took a lot of notes from the event, mostly in the form of doodles and ideas. I’ll be synthesizing them in the next few posts. The following is a taste of what’s to come.

AR + Tattoos

AR + Porn

The success or failure of a new standard or medium is determined by its acceptance by the porn industry. With the mainstream adult entertainment industry struggling, adoption of AR could be a brand new way of attracting viewers again.

This would be a wearable marker. (it says PRAN which would be the chan/l337 version of pARn)

This would be how you use it.

Wind, Water and Sun – Power for Gadeokdo

26 Jan

Research for supplying power for the largest island in Busan, Korea.

As part of our design philosophy for the master plan for Gadeokdo, Korea, we feel it important to address issues of energy production, fresh water and waste treatment, and also food security.

Below is some research into renewable energy for the island development. My conclusion is that tidal stream power would be the best solution for this location, given its geography. Wind turbines would require too much space on the island, and we would prefer not to have spine of the island bristling with fans. Solar is too expensive and the return is not high enough, considering that we are already basically building the infrastructure in the water for all the buildings. Given that, the extra cost of tidal power generation is negligible, and will have long term benefits, not only energy saving and the environment, but also it would help further Korea’s experiments in hydro power generation.

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Generative Design

15 Jan

I first learned about genetic algorithms used in design from a lecture on design research. The name of the firm escapes me now, but they designed various interactive objects and placed them in homes to see how people live with information. One such object was a television set that picked up the radio signals of planes that passed overhead, and showed on a 3D revolving globe the flight path of that plane. The aerial for the set was designed by NASA, using a genetic algorithm to find the best possible configuration for the aerial.

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Cutting edge technology

8 Dec

A recent comment made me think about the qualities of “cutting edge technology”. At least in terms of communication and computing, the aim of new technology is to make it more human. Gestural interfacing, voice recognition, biometrics etc are all efforts to make machines understand us. This is important because there is a general perception that technology is alienating. I tend to agree with that, as I am not convinced that a more mediated communication is better. However, in light if this recent revelation, I am starting to wonder if we’re not Pygmalion creating Galataea. So in the end, are we helping them, the machines, the marble or the poor flower girl, become like us, or are we trying to make ourselves more human?