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Gadeokdo Competition: Entry poster and document now online.

10 Mar


GadeokDUE – Gadeok Island Masterplan competition sneak Preview.

1 Mar

Last month I worked with Sander Design and Breathe Architects on a competition for a masterplan for an island off the coast of Busan, South Korea.

Among the design considerations was our wish for the buildings to add to nature, and provide habitat for fish and sea life as well as humans. They would also generate their own energy and process waste onsite. I will post more images of our gorgeous panels after the competition results are announced.

Wind, Water and Sun – Power for Gadeokdo

26 Jan

Research for supplying power for the largest island in Busan, Korea.

As part of our design philosophy for the master plan for Gadeokdo, Korea, we feel it important to address issues of energy production, fresh water and waste treatment, and also food security.

Below is some research into renewable energy for the island development. My conclusion is that tidal stream power would be the best solution for this location, given its geography. Wind turbines would require too much space on the island, and we would prefer not to have spine of the island bristling with fans. Solar is too expensive and the return is not high enough, considering that we are already basically building the infrastructure in the water for all the buildings. Given that, the extra cost of tidal power generation is negligible, and will have long term benefits, not only energy saving and the environment, but also it would help further Korea’s experiments in hydro power generation.

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