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SHIFT – A work in progress.

23 Dec

I’m working on a draft of an article for Shift, from the OCAD Student Press

This is going to be an epic deja vu for my thesis, and redemption. I finally get a chance to put together a cogent interpretation of all the research and thinking that went into my thesis project. The draft is below, and it’s still very early alpha stage.


Man’s principle gift, and the only thing that distinguishes it from
other animals, is his ability to tell stories. The first words created
the world. Ancient stories gave meaning to the stars.

The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to any person, or to any actual events, or institutions is intentional and
anything but coincidential.

In 1937 the future of airships came crashing to the ground in a fiery, smoking ruin, amid the famous cries of “oh, the humanity!”.

Since the Hindeburgh crash in Lakehurst Naval Station, New Jersey, only the ghosts of these once important vehicles are seen: floating vestiges of the past above the Super Bowl, or largely ignored, hawking electronics above Queens and Manhattan. A few are still ferrying tourists on harbour tours and over vineyards for wine tastings, but they are largely seen as curiousities, if seen at all. In most of my conversations with people with airships, the first reaction is perplexity, then incredulity.

But everyone I have met agrees with me eventually, that airships are needed in this world again.

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Transportation backbone(Update)

9 Mar


Earlier I mentioned that Uplift would benefit from a series of bases strategically placed around the globe, to ensure prompt response to emergencies in disaster vulnerable areas.

Enter UNHRD.  United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot is a WFP Network able to deliver humanitarian relief items worldwide within 24/48 hrs. There are five UNHRD, at Panama, Ghana, Italy, Malaysia and Dubai. Each one has access to warehouses, storage, and port facilities.  Uplift would be an addition to the UNHRD, as facilities for airship maintenance, and as an extension of services for NGOs.