iDrugs make me so happy. Let me explain.

18 Jul

You’ve probably read about the use of binaural tracks to get people high, as well as the resulting low grade disapproval. I haven’t tried the tracks yet, so I won’t pass judgement on them, but the fact that they exist make me happy. As someone who wants to live the sci fi life here and now, iDrugs are a page right out of Snowcrash from Neal Stephenson. Though Snowcrash was a visual stimulant that locked the brain into an infinite loop, both the binaural tracks and Snowcrash are both non chemical, information based stimulants. All the moral and legal issues aside, I’m just straight nerdgasming.

Huffington Post Article

p.s. Cigarettes and booze are worse for you than idrugs in all ways except one. Smoking and drinking are both very social activities, and are very productive from a creative point of view. Do I condone drinking and smoking? Not really, but I do encourage you to pretend, and/or hang around smokers.


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